About Puddingstone Post


Editor and writer Meg O’Neill sits on the puddingstone rocks at Surfers’ End, Second Beach in Middletown, RI. Photo by Meghan Sepe.

Puddingstone Post curates stories and news that explore the art of life well lived. We focus on home design, style, food, culture, and travel with an eye for pragmatic luxury, organic elegance, and casual chic.



Puddingstone is a new kind of lifestyle magazine. Named for the conglomerate rock that makes up swaths of the New England coastline, the name “Puddingstone” is a reference to the imperfect mashup of stuff that gives our lives meaning and makes us whole. Our site is a salon for the fast-growing population of women and men who favor quality over quantity and practical luxury above extravagance. We find our inspiration in disheveled beauty, organic elegance, well worn homes, handmade dinners, wandering paths, and other interesting niches of life. In our closets, our pantries, and even our relationships, we strive for goodness, not flawlessness. Life is complex; accepting imperfection is an art form. We love a tidy desk as much as the next person, but we don’t glorify perfectly organized cupboards, extreme crafting, or fleeting fashion trends. For the large, savvy audience that craves authenticity and experience above gloss and glamour, Puddingstone provides an alternative platform with insightful stories about design, food, style, culture, and travel. Life is full of cheap distractions; our quest is to explore the artisans, projects, products, services, trends, and thought-leaders that will help our readers discover what matters most.



Puddingstone Post was sprung from the mind and life of writer, editor, and blogger-wrangler Meaghan O’Neill. As the former editor-in-chief (and a founding member) of TreeHugger, she nurtured a fringe trend into the web’s largest green blog, managed an international team of 40-plus creatives, and helped to drive a new cultural revolution into the mainstream. Meg also has served as editor-in-chief of editorial content for Discovery Channel online and for Parentables, TLC’s parenting blog, as well as managing editor for Boston Magazine. Her writing has appeared in numerous print and online publications, including Interior Design, Teen Vogue, Glamour, Design New England, and many others, and she has appeared frequently on national and local radio and television programs. In 2007, her series on green living for Slate.com was nominated for a National Magazine Award; the following year, her first book, Ready, Set, Green: 8 Weeks to Modern Eco-Living, was published by Villard/Random House. Puddingstone — named for the conglomerate rock that makes up the coastline of her hometown of Newport, RI — is a reflection of her mindset and a wabi-sabi aesthetic, both of which favor elegance, efficiency, goodness, and imperfection.



Home – Home and garden design, interior décor and design, design and useful products for the home, great designers, tips, parties, and more.

Style – Classic style, modern looks, accessories, beauty, tips, fashion icons, and more.

Food – Recipes, party how-tos, hot chefs, new techniques, tips and tricks, farmers’ markets, and other fresh finds.

Culture – From visits to artists’ studios to pop culture musings, movie reviews, and even parenting quandaries, an honest and sometimes humorous exploration of our life and times.

Travel – Gorgeous photos and informative storytelling about weekend jaunts, not-so faraway adventures, and other tales for armchair travelers and seasoned gypsies alike.






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