A Last-minute Guide to Shopping Locally for Mother’s Day


The best gifts for Mother’s Day come from the heart — and shops on the island.

If you’ve left your Mother’s Day shopping till now, don’t fret. It may be crunch time for Amazon Prime shipping, but if you know where to shop locally, you’ve still got days to spare. Here’s where to go around town — you’ll be supporting regional business, and showing mom you care, too.

Haarstick jewelry’s Long Curve necklace (1) and Wrap ring (2) are designed by Katie Whittemore. If you live on Aquidneck Island, order through her website and she’ll get the goods to you – wrapped – by Mother’s Day.

Flowers (3) never fail to impress! Order through a local florist such as Water’s Edge Flowers or Chaves’ Gardens for tasteful, modern, and long-lasting bouquets. (And if you really leave it till the last minute, we’ve got your back: Check out our guide to grocery-store flower shopping and arranging.)

Summer is coming, and that means mum’s due for updated eye, lip, and cheek shades. The Bare Minerals Nude Beach makeup kit (4) from the Apothecary will help her shimmer; combine it with their facial special if you’re feeling extra-nice. To keep her beautiful skin made in the shade, try a pretty pink Palm River hat (7) from J.MacLaughlin.  If mummy’s sweetness could be bottled and sold, it might smell something like Tocca’s Meet the Girls fragrance set (6), also from the Apothecary. With 10 spray bottles, she’ll be smelling like a rose. Or jasmine. Or whatever she fancies that day.

It’s a scientific fact that what moms want most is a hall pass for day drinking. Acclaimed Miraval rosé (5) – made at the Jolie-Pitt winery in France and available at Aquidneck Liquors (a.k.a. “drive-through liquor store”) – should do the trick. Deliver it cold, because she’ll probably share it with you, anyway – that’s what moms do.

Bouquet photo by FestivitiesMN, via flickr CC BYNC-SA 2.0.

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