Get Trashed, Courtesy of Kidrobot

galen mckamy art x games

This octopus-inspired recycling bin was created by industrial designer, artist, and illustrator Galen McKamy, creative director of Kidrobot.

Just before the Olympics directed our collective laser-focus to Sochi, many of the skiers and snowboarders we’ve come to know and love were perfecting their tricks at ESPN’s Winter X Games in Aspen. If you think some extreme athletes’ casual attitudes and baggy pants seem out of place amongst the tradition and gravitas of the Russian Games, know that everywhere else on their circuit, it feels completely normal. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that art and attitudes at the X Games are a little more cutting edge.

For example, Global Inheritance, a nonprofit organization that creates cause-driven campaigns that push for progressive social change, has a history of bringing its mission to the X Games. Via the TRASHed :: Art of Recycling program, the nonprofit draws attention to the way we view (or ignore) refuse. Past displays have featured recycling bins artfully redesigned by professional athletes and even Hunter S. Thompson.

This year, the Global Inheritance teamed up with Kidrobot, the art-toymaker with a cult-like following to keep everyone’s eyes on the prize — namely, ensuring the X Games remained “white, pristine, and litter free.” The artists, all from Colorado, painted helmets and recycling bins (which are available for sale) in wonderfully eye-catching designs. Baggy pants or no, you have to admit, pulling one of these bins to the curb would sure make trash day a lot more fun.

Images courtesy of Global Inheritance.

Scribe artwork donald ross recyling x games

Known worldwide for his large-scale mural work, Scribe (a.k.a Donald Ross) decorated this toothy bin. In addition to his work with Kidrobot, he is the art director at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

jeremy madl mad toy design x games recycling

A monstrous design covers this bin, created by Jeremy Madl of MAD Toy Design.

reid hausner helmet art x games

Artist Reid Hausner, who says he “has an appreciation for the absurd,” designed this funky helmet.

mike fudge art x games recycling

Artist and illustrator Mike Fudge, who says his work pays “homage to nature, hope, and daily life,” painted polar bears on this recycling bin.

helmet painted by Scribe x games

A helmet by Scribe would give any athlete a competitive advantage.

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