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Molly Lo pies Newport RI

Mmmmm, pieh. Photo courtesy of Molly Lo Photography.

Thanks to Instagram (and a million other apps) everyone is allowed to let their creativity shine. But another perk is being able to access the work – and p.o.v. – of other people. Rhode Island has more than its fair share of incredibly talented photographers, both professional and amateur. Here are a few we love to follow to get a perspective of the Ocean State through their unique lenses.


1. Lee Abney @l_double

Try the Kool Aide . . . Try the Blue Plate It taste like DoomsDay 😈

A photo posted by Lee Abney (@l_double) on

While Newport and the surrounding area are lovely during the day, it looks just as beautiful at night. Lee captures beaches and bridges at dusk or even in the middle of the night. The colors are so vivid and rich it’s like you’re looking at these scenes in person.


2. Craig S. Mackay @craigsmackay

If you build it⚓️they will come

A photo posted by Craig S. Mackay (@craigsmackay) on

Take a look at Newport through a local’s eyes. Craig’s gorgeous photos of the beaches, ocean, bridges, sunsets, and boats of Newport –along with different places he’s traveled – will keep you more than interested. You’ll also spot some of his editorial shots from his gf, the fashion blogger Prosecco & Plaid, too.

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3. Molly Lorincz @mollylophotography

A lovely mix of local weddings and engaged couples, stunning food photography from some of Rhode Island’s coolest restaurants, and intimate glimpses into her own life, all of Molly’s work has a ton of heart and a dazzling use of light.


4. Erin McGinn @erinmcginn

A glimpse into New England living resides here. Whether she’s shooting food, special occasions, or gorgeous still lifes, Erin guarantees thoughtful details, unexpected pops of color, and incredible lighting. Coastal essentials like bare feet, nautical stripes, lobster rolls, and stunning landscapes are certain to pop up on her feed.


5. Caroline Goddard @hopestatestyle

Moody and minimal, Caroline’s work (which appears frequently in this very blog) has an organic and down-to-earth quality that features interesting flora and fauna and a look at her general day-to-day life captured in a dreamy manner. With tons of white and muted greens, blues, and greys, the entire feed has a very ethereal feel.

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6. Joseph Laurin @joseph_laurin_photography

Perfect at capturing a candid look or moment and showcasing the true essence of a person or a couple, Joseph’s feed features a variety of weddings and people that are lucky enough to be in front of his camera. His attention to detail paints an incredible picture of this place we call home.


7. Josh Behan @joshbehan

Plum Gut Light through a hole in the ferry. #iphoneonly

A photo posted by Josh Behan (@joshbehan) on

There’s something about Josh’s portraits that make you take a second or third look—you’ll just love how he finds that unique perspective that makes every subject seem even more interesting. Cool seaside shots, animals, kids, and couples, his feed will leave you fascinated.


8. Bryan Ferris @1eyeopn

In the City by the Sea, there are hundreds of magical moments that go unseen. Thanks to photographers like Bryan, some of these beautiful memories are captured for the world to see. Scrolling through his pictures, one is reminded of all the quiet walks along the shore, the beach bonfires at sunset, and the loving time you spend with family and friends in Newport.


9. Sue MC @suemc11

New England has an unmistakable color palette that Sue is able to channel with her photographs: white sails on a navy-blue harbor, the warm pastel glow of a pink sunset, the sun-bleached wooden docks over the water. When you’re out of town, or stuck inside on a rainy day, look no further than Sue’s Instagram page to channel the nostalgic vibe that only Newport can offer.


10. Marial Maher @visualmanor

Newport’s storied past is overflowing with inspiration. On Marial’s page, witness the glitz-and-glam of the Gilded Age, with an edge. Her page shows that our preppy resort town is teeming with different styles, from indie jewelry, chic bathing suits, striped crop tops, and edgy athleisure wear. Newport’s ladies and gentlemen have defined style since 1890. Marial’s photographs show that while most ladies have traded in the ball gown for a leather skirt, Newport is still the style capital of New England.


11. Alana and Greg @antiqueyacht

Schatzi is ready for charter. Go to WWW.AntiqueYachtCollection.com for more details. #newportri #jamestownri

A photo posted by Alana & Greg (@antiqueyacht) on

For those readers who have always wanted to sail like a Kennedy, but couldn’t afford the antique yacht with luxurious wood floors and forest green upholstery, let me introduce you to Antique Yacht. Alana and Greg have three gorgeous boats that you can charter for a cruise. Like all stylish entrepreneurs, they have an eye for beauty, and it shows in their photographs.


12. Patrick Murphy @thekingslens

Everyone loves a little adventure. Hikers, surfers, and sailors flock to Aquidneck Island for a rush of adrenaline and beauty. Photographer Patrick Murphy dedicates his photos to living life fully, and his motto “Good Waves Only” certainly embodies the friendly, active, and aquatic spirit of Newport. His brand new gallery, The King’s Lens and Friends, is located at 435 Thames Street and will celebrate photos by artists who share this artistic mantra.


13. Maaike Bernstrom @maaikephoto

This little girl had me at the boots today…..🐥

A photo posted by Maaike Bernstrom (@maaikephoto) on

Yes, she shoots a lot of weddings, but – oh! – that eye! Maaike Bernstrom finds softness in the light, in the sea, and in the air and her photographs (including some for Puddingstone Post) are unmistakeable. A master of portraiture, she excels at making her subjects feel comfortable in front of the lens – even flowers relax for her lens. Rustic, sweet, and natural are all words that describe her style, but above all, her work is beautiful.

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