Weekly Obsessions: Rose Quartz Lighting, McMansion Hell, and More

Currey and Company Moon Quartz Chandelier

I’ve got a maj crush on this chandelier.

It’s Friday! Here’s everything I can’t stop thinking about this week.


1. Rose quartz pendant lighting

Currey & Company has nailed it. Again. Someday, I’ll find just the right spot for their Quartz Moon chandelier, which is made from wrought iron with a silver finish and decorated with bits of rose quartz.


2. McMansion Hell

McMansion Hell
Seriously? I could read Worst of McMansions all. Day. Long. “If you love to hate the ugly houses that became ubiquitous before (and after) the bubble burst, you’ve come to the right place.” A series of posts on the site called “McMansions 101” breaks down why these big boys are so bad, while the Certified Dank McMansion of the Week™ breaks down the hilariously haphazard “techniques” used to build and decorate houses from Texas to California. Serious fun for all ages.


3. Rebecca Atwood patterns and textiles

Rebeca Atwood book
I desperately want to give both my bedroom and living serious overhauls, and Rebecca Atwood is supplying some serious inspiration. With her new book out, she’s all over social media, and it’s fueling my yearnings. Got my eyes on that peach pattern above and also this fabric.


4. Edible flower popsicles

Coconut water popsicles with edible flowers?! Mind blown. 😍🌺 @lucialitman #ABMlifeissweet

A photo posted by Elsie + Emma A Beautiful Mess (@abeautifulmess) on

And these… coconut-water popsicles with edible flowers.


5. Camille Styles’s gorgeous blog

Pretty much everything on Camille Styles. From perfect messy loose hair buns to eggplant dishes, I just can’t stop reading.


6. Lil Buck’s Van Gough-y video

This impressionist movement video by Jon Boogz with Lil Buck is gorgeous and chilling. It’s a dark world out there, guys. Stay safe and be kind.


7. St-Germain cocktails

St Germain bike
I’m having a St-Germain moment. Rosé is so last July. (Just kidding! I’d totally still drink it.)


8.The art of Lucy Litman

Something I ask myself daily 💅🏼🚬

A photo posted by lucy litman (@lucialitman) on

This Scrabble art by Lucia Litman (and pretty much everything in her Instagram feed.). Clever, darling, daring, unique.

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