Table-to-Farm Eating With Outstanding in the Field

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Outstanding in the Field supplies farm-to-table dinner parties idyllic settings across the country.

If a quick perusal of Pinterest is any indication, there are few things as swoon-worthy as a dinner table set for 100-plus in the great outdoors. However, not many of us have the resources (read: land, time, budget) to organize such a fête. Because, despite the simplistic notion of these parties, there’s an immense amount of work that goes into pulling them off. Luckily, we can still partake in such an event without all the work thanks to Outstanding in the Field.

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No doubt you’ve heard of the farm-to-table trend; now get to know this organization, which brings the table to the farm. And while the settings for these dinners are breathtaking, the goal is less about creating a unique ambiance than about bringing people in touch with their food sources. Outstanding in the Field pairs farmers and fishermen with celebrated chefs to prepare meals from local ingredients. Dinner conversation, unsurprisingly, tends to oscillate between a discussion of food origins and paying homage to those who cultivate its ingredients.

Beginning in May, more than 75 Outstanding in the Field dinners (including one at the Coachella music festival, which opens this weekend) will take place in 32 states from coast to coast. Interested? Reserve a spot soon; tickets sell out like hotcakes.

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All images courtesy of Outstanding in the Field.

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