The Modern Pantry, Stocked for a Man


A Mexican dish prepared with Mantry ingredients. Tan delicioso!

The word “artisanal” gets bandied about quite a lot lately, almost to the point of embarrassment. (Can fast food be artisanal? Somebody thinks so.) And yet, when I discover things that are truly handcrafted with a quality that shows a passion and understanding for a particular craft that it elevates a product or service to the level of art — I find myself truly impressed.

Which is why Mantry’s pantry-in-box is so cool. Every month, the guys behind this concept fill a handmade wooden crate with awesome local foods from across America and ship them right to your door. Think authentic Georgia barbecue sauce, RI’s own Dave’s Coffee Syrup (it’s the best), and Vermont goat’s milk caramel, just to name a few. Every box comes chock full of products based on that month’s theme — past supplies have hinged on topics such as Retox; Bourbon Breakfast; and Thank You, New England.


Mantry keeps it simple — there’s no agonizing about which theme to choose; you get what you get. So, ladies, if you’ve got a food-loving man on your list (and really, what dude isn’t?), this is probably the right gift for him. Bonus: This may just be the best SSG (self-serving gift) you ever find.

All photos courtesy of Mantry.

Mantry delivery crate food and recipes

Each crate comes stocked with literature about the food, plus recipes.

italian-food-delivery mantry

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