A Garden Shed of One’s Own


This tiny garden shed makes a perfect backyard respite.

Who doesn’t dream of having a quiet, private space of their own, even if it’s right in your own backyard? I myself have been known to fantasize about a tiny writing shack behind my house, a private outbuilding where the magic could really happen. Detached from household duties, I’d write the days away, but still be close enough to pop into the kitchen for lunch. Tiger Log Cabins delivers on that dream, with adorable, minuscule garden sheds in all shapes and sizes. They’d also make a perfect place for storing bulbs and trowels, guest quarters, or a permanently kid-free zone. (Excuse me for a moment while I indulge in that last idea…ahhhhh… Ok, I’m back.) With standard designs ranging from 8×6 meters, like the model shown above, to 10×14 meters, you could squeeze one into almost any yard. (Bespoke designs are available, too.) The company also promises that timber is responsibly sourced per FSC and PEFC certifications. Okay, so they’re only available in the U.K., but that doesn’t have to stop you from daydreaming about a peaceful respite among the fragrant blooms, right outside your own back door.

Meaghan O'Neill is a writer, editor, blogger wrangler, and the founder of Puddingstone Post. She was formerly editor-in-chief of TreeHugger, Discovery Channel online, and TLC's Parentables. Her writing has appeared in numerous print and online publications, and her book, Ready, Set, Green: 8 Weeks to Modern Eco-Living (Villard/Random House) was published in 2008. She lives in Newport, RI with her family.

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