An Electrifying Update for Vintage Lighting

earth sea warrior vintage hot pink sconce

It’s electric! Vintage and modern come together in a lamp from Earth Sea Warrior.

If pressed, I think I could boil down my home decor philosophy to two beliefs: First, that old — sometimes even rusty — things shouldn’t be tossed to the curb, and second, that the more color you can add to a home, the happier it will be. Also, I’m equally drawn to vintage objects and high-gloss lacquers, and finding a way for these things to coexist isn’t always easy. But that’s exactly what Earth Sea Warrior has done with its vintage light fixtures. The company reinvents already unique lamps by rewiring them with boldly colored cloth cords, and sometimes a coat of fresh paint, bringing them back to life with a refreshing new twist. From converted vintage mason jars to high-end antique fixtures, the price points, colors, and styles run a broad spectrum.  Got an existing piece you’d like them to rework? Custom orders are a go. Part objet d’art, part functional utility, Earth Sea Warrior lamps are all electrifying, and full of bright ideas.

vintage electrolite mint green clip lamp

vintage wobble lamp

earth sea warrior vintage gooseneck lamp


All images courtesy of Ursula Manaf-Pitt/Earth Sea Warrior.

Sarah O'Neill Fernandez is a blogger, designer, and owner of Chateau and Bungalow, a home design blog and bricks-and-mortar retail boutique located in Newport, R.I. She lives in Middletown, R.I. with her family and a pretty awesome new kitchen.

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