Float Away in the Salish Sea Tub

Salish Sea tub

The Salish Sea tub, designed by furniture maker Seth Rolland, is made from sapele wood.

Anyone lucky enough to live near the water knows that there’s nothing more relaxing than spending a sunny day bobbing around on gentle waves, except for maybe a long hot soak in a nice, deep tub. So what could be more luxurious than soaking in the Salish Sea tub, impeccably crafted in the shape of a boat?

Salish Sea tub detail inside

Designed by furniture maker Seth Rolland of Washington and named after the body of water his workshop overlooks, the Salish Sea tub is as much a piece of art as it is a functional fixture. Crafted from more than 200 pieces of sustainably harvested sapele wood, the tub is sealed with several coats of epoxy, an invisible layer of fiberglass, and six layers of varnish to ensure that the wood stays dry and maintains its shape.

Salish Sea tub end view

This tub is not the type of fixture that you install when you merely update a bathroom, but rather the kind of piece that anchors a design plan. It’s a centerpiece, a focal point. The price tag on this tub means that it may not be coming to a bathroom near you anytime soon, but, ah, to soak in it perched by a window and watch the boats go by, now that would be a dream.

Images by Myron Gauger.

Sarah O'Neill Fernandez is a blogger, designer, and owner of Chateau and Bungalow, a home design blog and bricks-and-mortar retail boutique located in Newport, R.I. She lives in Middletown, R.I. with her family and a pretty awesome new kitchen.

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