From Ireland, Traditional Craftsmanship Meets Modern Textiles

enrich and endure nautique collection

Enrich &
Endure’s Nautique collections features beautiful blue and sunny yellow Irish linens.

It wasn’t always obvious to siblings Lorcan and Sarah Quinn that they’d end up working together. Nor that it would be in the weaving industry that their hometown of Bainbridge, Ireland was famous for. In fact, says the pair, if you told Sarah as a kid that was what her future held, she “probably would have kicked you in the shins and locked herself in her room.” How things change.  Today, the pair own and operate Enrich & Endure, a textiles company that works with local master craftspeople  toward their “mutual desire to create something unique, lasting, and beautiful.”

enrich and endure workroom

Using  the finest Irish linen and woven wool, Enrich & Endure combines the traditional techniques of centuries past with unique yarn combinations and modern color schemes to create modern, heirloom-quality products and employ sustainable business practices. The results are stunning. Table linens, throws, pillows, and blankets come in vibrant, sunny, and muted solid hues as well as rich herringbones and intricate florals. With a such a range of choices, there’s something for every season and interior, and each of which will do exactly what it’s meant to: enrich a space and endure for countless years to come.

enrich and endure napkins

enrich and endure pillow

All images courtesy of Enrich & Endure.

Sarah O'Neill Fernandez is a blogger, designer, and owner of Chateau and Bungalow, a home design blog and bricks-and-mortar retail boutique located in Newport, R.I. She lives in Middletown, R.I. with her family and a pretty awesome new kitchen.

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