Sea Meets Sky in Daniel Michalik’s Cork Accessories

Daniel Michalik Gennaio Cork Bowl

The color gradients of Daniel Michalik’s Gennaio bowls were inspired by the view from his studio overlooking the East River.

Brooklyn-based furniture designer Daniel Michalik takes inspiration from the interplay of materials, history, culture, and manufacturing. Having recently developed an appreciation for cork, Michalik traveled across Portugal to learn how the sustainable and renewable material has been farmed and harvested for centuries.

Daniel Michalik Cork Trees

The result is furnishings and tabletop accessories made from the material, including his latest collection, comprised of chunky, textural coasters and quirky tree-shaped boxes with a secret compartment, such as the ones seen above. Meanwhile, the beautiful Praia and Gennaio bowls are painted in soft, subtle shades inspired by the sea and the sky. They’d look stunning filled with citrus fruit, and their clean lines make them equally at home in a country villa or city apartment.

Daniel Michalik Cork Bowl Praia Sky

Daniel Michalik Cork Bowl Praia Sea

Daniel_Michalik Cork Praia Coasters

All photos courtesy of Daniel Michalik Furniture Design.

Antonia Noori Farzan is a writer living in Newport, Rhode Island. She enjoys cooking vegan meals, practicing yoga, designing floral arrangements, and photographing old houses for her blog, Clapboard and Shingle.

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