When Art and Wallpaper Collide


Hygge & West’s Daydream wallpaper, by Julia Rothman, has a whimsical, large-scale repeat.

Recently, I walked into the bathroom at a friend’s housewarming party and was stunned — in a good way — by the breathtakingly cool wallpaper she’d put up. Her renovation wasn’t complete (no photos to share yet), but I had to track down what was hanging on those walls. First of all, kudos to my girlfriend for opening up her house before it was “finished.” (As my sister always says, “If I waited for my house to be perfect, I’d never have people over!” It’s advice worth following.) Second, this fantastic piece of art that you happen to be able to cover walls with is by Hygge & West.

Best described as a boutique wallpaper manufacturer, the company produces luxe, durable, screen-printed wallpapers along with clever fabric tiles printed on polyester. The wallpaper tiles, which have a low-tack adhesive backing, are removable, reusable, and leave no residue behind, making them ideal for temporary installations or renters.

But back to back to the enviable pattern above, appropriately called Daydream and hand-drawn by Brooklyn-based illustrator Julia Rothman. Like all of Hygge & West’s products, it’s manufactured in the U.S. and has a true custom look. It’s perfect for the edgy-but-optimistic homeowner, or anyone who wishes she could better see those pretty tattoos on her back.

The term “hygge” (pronounced hoo-gah), by the way, is a Danish term meaning “cozy,” and, indeed, Hygge & West’s designs evoke just that sentiment — creating a comfy, pleasant place where you definitely want to hang out.

All photos courtesy of Hygge & West. Indulge in more of their awesome work below; click on any image to open the gallery.

Meaghan O'Neill is a writer, editor, blogger wrangler, and the founder of Puddingstone Post. She was formerly editor-in-chief of TreeHugger, Discovery Channel online, and TLC's Parentables. Her writing has appeared in numerous print and online publications, and her book, Ready, Set, Green: 8 Weeks to Modern Eco-Living (Villard/Random House) was published in 2008. She lives in Newport, RI with her family.

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