10 Perfect Gifts for 20-somethings


Image via Lazuli Handcrafted.

It seems like the holidays always sideswipe us, doesn’t it? They are masters of the slow creep: You think you have plenty of time to get everything done and then – BAM! – it’s time to stock stuffings and wrap gifts and you’re caught unprepared. The Millennials on your list may be especially tricky to shop for, especially because the trends we like seem to be in constant flux. That’s where we come in. From spot-on trends to timeless staples, here are 12 presents that we can pretty much promise twenty-somethings will love. Now quick, take a deep breath and check out this gift guide before the holiday crazies take over.


1. Lazuli Handcrafted hair accessories

Lazuli Handcrafted produces boho-minimalist jewelry and hair accessories out of stone, crystals, and electro-formed copper. The pieces are designed and crafted by Newporter Erika Young, who pairs science and art to make these lovely accessories. You don’t have to be a geologist to enjoy the bobby pins pictured at top; made from Tibetan quartz, they’re sure to make any holiday hairstyle pop. Check out Lazuli’s Etsy shop for more inspiring, down-to-earth accessories.


2. Americana Darlings air plant holder


Image courtesy of Americana Darlings.

These air plant holders are made by a Providence-based couple who design under the moniker Americana Darlings. Streamlined and modern, these clever, tiny treasures are made of steel, and come in four colors, including bronze, gold, silver, and black. (Other colors are available upon request.) They’re a practical and charming gift for any budding gardener who doesn’t have a lot of space (or experience). Americana Darlings also curates and sells a collection of vintage clothes; stop by their Instagram for inspiration.


3. Commissioned portrait

Portriat of Caroline Goddard by Newport RI artist Andrea Perez-Brissine

This painting by local artist Andrea Perez-Brissine was commissioned by Caroline Goddard. Photo by Caroline Goddard.

In Caroline’s recent article about commissioning a portrait of herself in the age of the selfie, she explored the pleasures of allowing an artist to study her features. It made me realize what a thoughtful, creative, and unique gift that would be, especially for any creative type in your life. Several artists on the island offer portraits with a variety of styles and techniques (as well as price points), making the process as unique as the individual. We rounded up of five of them here. It’s a beautiful way to honor someone special.


4. Max & Moi sweater


Image courtesy of Monelle.

This pullover by Max & Moi features our state motto, “Hope,” in super soft fur. It’s the perfect way to stay cozy while showing your love for Rhode Island, as well as the person who’ll be wearing it. Even though Max & Moi is based in Paris, you can find this luxurious sweater at Monelle, located on Bannister’s Wharf.


5. Gigi Clozeau necklaces and bracelets

Gigi Clozeau necklaces

Photo courtesy of Chateau & Bungalow.

Gigi Clozeau‘s necklaces and bracelets are handmade of 18-karat gold and resin beads, and they’re not only beautiful but also highly wearable. Simple enough to pair with an everyday tee, but elegant enough to wear with your party clothes, these delicate-looking yet durable pieces work for a big night out, but are easy and comfortable to wear (and sleep in) every day. These necklaces and bracelets – available on island at Chateau & Bungalow – come in a variety of colors, so you can mix and match, layer, or just wear them one at a time. The lucky person who gets these accessories will never want to take them off.


6. Rhode Island Brew Bus tour


Image: Rhode Island Brew Bus.

There is no better way to enjoy craft beer in the Ocean State than on The Rhode Island Brew Bus. These tours give you the chance to experience our hottest local brews one pint or flight at a time. Climb on board, learn how great beer is made, and taste till your palate’s content. All-inclusive and all sorts of fun, various tours run Fridays through Sundays and include tastings, snacks, water, and a few souvenirs. It may just be the hoppiest day of your gift recipient’s life!


7. Sugar tassel necklace


Image courtesy of Sugar.

What’s sweeter than candy? Semi-precious stones, perhaps. Strung on a leather cord, these howlite beads are uber-elegant, can be paired with almost anything and make a fun addition to any winter wardrobe. Crafted by local designer Heidi Brueggeman under the label Sugar, these beads are also available in custom lengths.


8. Resails Ban the Bag tote

hooley-ban-the-bag-toteIf “eco-chic with a message” speaks to that special someone on your list, then this Ban the Bag tote is the statement piece she’s been waiting for. Made by local manufacturer ReSails, which transforms sail cloth into various other useful items, this tote is suitable for anything from groceries to travel, making it the perfect piece for that upright citizen in your life. If you really want to go the extra mile, substitute this bag for a gift bag or wrapping paper and tuck other presents inside.

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9. Haarstick cuff bracelet


Image courtesy of Haarstick.

As part of Haarstick’s Crop Circle collection, this stunning cuff references the Kabbalah Tree of Life. The bracelet would make a statement all alone, but would also look great worn with matching earrings and necklace. Each Haaristick piece is a work of art, embodying its own form of sacred geometry. Owner and designer Katie Whittemore is based in Middletown, but her jewelry is the farthest thing from small town.


10. Willywaw letterpress Notecards


Image: Willywaw.

Do you know someone who texts “Thank You” or “Happy Holidays” when they really should be sending a proper note, sans emoji? We all know these people mean well, so encourage them to up their gratitude game with a piece of handwritten mail. Willywaw, in Narragansett, sells darling notecards that can help Millenials do just that. Our favorites? Artisan cards like the one above made on an antique letterpress that dates back to 1895.

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