All the Oscar Dresses Worn by Best Actress Winners Since 1929

The best part of the Oscars, IMHO, is watching actresses glide in on the red carpet. Here are all the gowns worn by all of the Academy Award winners for Best Actress since 1929. They’re all classics, with exception of Cher’s outfit, which would be hard to call classic (in her defense, she’s Cher!), and Gwyneth Paltrow’s poorly-fitted, bubble-gum pink frock, which still to this day conjures feelings of anger in me. It’s a strong feeling to get from a dress, but that’s a story for another day entirely. No matter how many conversation-starters hit the carpet tonight, in the end, there can be only that will fill the 2014 spot on this chart.

Infographic courtesy of Mediarun

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    I agree with you. For all its faux edge, this piece has none. it reads like a thinly-disguised promo piece on belahf of these same clothing retailers. This is the same pattern we see in so many of the yoga blogs: informercials on belahf of yoga business owners, their techniques and products in place of actual news reporting and analysis of yoga. However, this is the first piece I have seen in the New York Times that conforms so closely to this model? I think it’s a sign of just how intensive commercial yoga’s exploitation of the public sphere has become. The Yoga Industrial Complex has even captured the Times.

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