Channeling Laura Ashley with Modern Floral Jumpsuits

Ashgrove Jumpsuit, Jack Wills, $98.50

The Ashgrove jumpsuit by Jack Wills will help you channel your inner child, or at least her sense of fashion.

If you told me in 1994 that I’d ever pine away for clothing reminiscent of the floral Laura Ashley dresses I was forced to wear as a child, I would have done a spit-take, not brushed my hair, then huffed away to the thrift store. And yet, today, I find myself yearning for a floral jumpsuit: an easy to pull on piece that’s playful and feminine. (This Emerson Fry jumpsuit may have something to do with my change of heart.) It’d be the perfect thing to wear to a backyard garden party: I’d be resplendent in head-to-toe blooms with a straw hat on my head, a cocktail in one hand, and my high-school yearbook in the other — visual proof to other guests of just how far I’ve come.


Nature-Inspired floral jumpsuit, Forever 21, $27.80.


Kimchi Blue Strappy Surplice jumpsuit, Urban Outfitters, $79.


Knotted Floral jumpsuit, Forever 21, $27.80.


Fern silk jumpsuit, Topshop, $190


Strappy jumpsuit, ASOS, $95.27.

Emily Donelan is a writer and photographer. She enjoys writing about people who inspire her, and hopes that her articles can in turn inspire others. She lives in Chicago with her family.

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