Every Pineapple Accessory You Need This Summer


How ’bout them pineapples? Because sometimes clothes are overrated and the fruit is perfectly ripe. Necklace by Ten Pounds of Feathers. Image of the author by Marial Maher of Visual Manor.

It’s that time of year again, when we bring you the most fun pineapple stuff around. We just can’t help ourselves – as Newporters, we’re obligated to love and cherish the spiky fruit.

It all started in 1493 when Christopher Columbus hauled that first pineapple from the Caribbean back to Europe. Because they were difficult to transport, the pineapple quickly became a symbol of wealth. Back in the American colonies, where the fruit was also hot commodity, pineapples became a symbol of hospitality, welcome, and friendship.

Now, we may not be seafaring captains, but we know a few things about cherishing this symbol. And so, with that expertise, we bring you 20 pineapple-y things that need to get in your closet, bar, and beach bag this summer.


1. Debossed pineapple coasters


Image via Andrew Mau.

These pineapple coasters by Andrew Mau are perfect for protecting your coffee table or the varnish on your boat from dangerous summer drinks. They’re available in tan or black leather and sold in packs of four. (More rad stuff from the designer’s label, Mau House, here.)

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2. Shiny pineapple mug


Image via Pink Pineapple.

Pinkies up! Enjoy your morning java or tea in this fancy white and gold mug from the Pink Pineapple.


3. Pineapple party tray


Image via Kristina Richards.

This pineapple tray by Kristina Richards is the perfect surface for sharing nibbles at your next patio party. Or just use it as a decoration in any room of your swinging bungalow.


4. Pineapple floaty


Image via Pink Pineapple.

Find comfort at the beach or stay at cool at your next pool party in this pineapple floaty – no ouchy spikes in sight.


5. Fluffy pineapple beach towel

Wrap yourself in a juicy and bright graphic beach towel from Matouk, perfect for lounging at the beach or by the pool.


Image via Matouk.


6. Pineapple luggage tag


Image via TopShop.

You’ll never misidentify your suitcase again with this flashy tag from TopShop.


7. Pineapple canvas sneakers for him


Image via Vans.

Be a little less serious when you dress down your seersucker suit with these pineapple Vans.


8. Gender-neutral pineapple slider sandals


Image via TopShop.

Also from Top Shop, these Pineapple sliders… I think they speak for themselves, and what they’re saying is hilarious.


9. Toddler pineapple Mary Janes


Image via Bloomingdales.

These pineapple Mary Janes by Mini Melissa may just be the cutest thing out there as far as footwear for toddlers and big kids. (We wish they came in adult sizes, too.)


10. Pineapple slip-ons for her


Image via Bucketfeet.

Artsy but practical, these gold and leather pineapple-meets-grenade slip on sneakers by Bucketfeet are perfect for kicking it around town.


11. Pineapple tube-socks


Image via TopShop.

This little piggy went to market…in a pair of pineapple socks.


12. Baby pineapple onesie


Image via Pineapple Traders.

What would be sweeter than your little one in short sleeve pineapple onesie by King Raja made from organic cotton? Squee!


13. Embroidered pineapple tee-shirt


Image via Urban Outfitters.

This tee from Urban Outfitters is soft and has a subtle embroidered pineapple at the chest, so you keep on keepin’ it juicy.


14. Pineapple pom pom shorts


Image via City Beach Australia.

Pineapple pom pom shorts will keep you cool and looking cute.


15. Pineapple print bikini


Image via H&M.

Carry the tropics with you in this colorful, high-necked bikini top and bottom from H&M.


16. Preppy pineapple belt


Image via Talbots.

Who needs extra accessories when you have a pineapple charm belt? Hmmm…nobody!


17. Pineapple wrist piece


Image via Etsy.

Time your max safe sun time with this pineapple watch, offered in rose gold, gold, and silver with a variety of band colors.


18. Pineapple charm necklace


Image via NastyGal.

This dainty pineapple necklace would look great with any breezy top or dress.


19. Pineapple iPhone case


Image via Sonix.

It’s not scratch n’ sniff, but this pineapple iPhone case still evokes a certain deliciousness.


20. Reusable pineapple tote


Image via Etsy.

This handmade pineapple tote can be used to carry your groceries, beach towels, or…pineapples, of course.

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Jillian Tullgren is a native of upstate New York, happily transplanted to Newport, RI. A natural born explorer, she enjoys green juice and a daily dose of yoga and is motivated by the idea of endless possibilities and inspired by everything and anything. You can find her at the beach sipping Yerba Mate and planning her next adventure. Follow her on Instagram @gypseachild.

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