Menswear-Inspired Maternity Looks? Yeah Baby!


This stripe-y number from HATCH keeps it simple but interesting.

Even until pretty recently, pregnant women have had few options when it came to maternity wear — they basically had to choose from an array of giant floral tents or ill-fitting but safe-for-work blouses and slacks. Today, brands such as HATCH, ASOS, J.Crew, and Gap let a woman dress like herself no matter what’s going on in her uterus.

This is particularly good news for those who opt for the tomboy look — a juxtaposition that delights me given the fact that impending motherhood is just about as girly as it gets. Here’s a roundup of a few menswear-inspired pieces, all of which could be paired with a simple pair of sneakers or maybe some Birkenstocks — supportive but also on-trend.


Overalls as maternity wear? Hells yeah. Bring it on, in HATCH.


A denim short in patina wash from J.Crew keeps you looking — and feeling — good.


This button-front jean short with sneaky spandex is so much more dignified than a giant nude panel around your mid-section.


An ASOS baseball tee keeps your inner tomboy in play.


This Gap maternity shirtdress is sporty for summer.

Emily Donelan is a writer and photographer. She enjoys writing about people who inspire her, and hopes that her articles can in turn inspire others. She lives in Chicago with her family.

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