Really Good Animal Print Shoes Are Everywhere This Fall


Animal prints are classics that never go out of style. From top: Charlotte Olympia flats, Boden slip-on sneakers, J.Crew ankle boots, Gucci pumps, and Tabitha Simmons ankle boot.

When I was a younger person working in New York, I helped produce a style section for a magazine that once ran a feature on the preppy fashion of the moment. The editor insisted that preppy was on-trend – which was indeed true among the fashion set – and our flippant copy reflected that. So even though I believed that great preppy style equated to classic good taste, being the compliant junior editor that I was, I kept my mouth shut. I remember my dad flipping through that issue and coming across the spread. “‘Preppy is in this season,'” he read aloud, with a guffaw he couldn’t suppress. “Well. I never knew it went out.” That preppy would – or ever could – go out of style was beyond his comprehension. I have to admit, however, that it was exceptionally easy to find great classic pieces that year.

Animal prints seem to suffer from the same kind of sad, misinformed treatment. When some supposed style authority pegs them as the latest rage, I have to wonder how close they’ve really been paying attention. Animal prints are always in (though all are certainly not created equal). This fall, however, I’ve noticed some exceptionally great shoe options, making it a great time to pick up a pair or two. Shop now for a few classic designs, and you’ll be wearing them for years to come.

Meaghan O'Neill is a writer, editor, blogger wrangler, and the founder of Puddingstone Post. She was formerly editor-in-chief of TreeHugger, Discovery Channel online, and TLC's Parentables. Her writing has appeared in numerous print and online publications, and her book, Ready, Set, Green: 8 Weeks to Modern Eco-Living (Villard/Random House) was published in 2008. She lives in Newport, RI with her family.

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