Take the Plunge with Raya Hanon


Raya Hanon swimsuits are inspired by designer Heather Pierce’s travels to exotic locales.

Having spent the majority of her life wandering from place to place, designer Heather Pierce has a bohemian spirit, and her creative output — which comes in the shape of swimsuits — reflects that sense of wanderlust. The creative force behind Raya Hanon, Pierce’s style is equal parts dreamy and fierce, not to mention seriously sexy — plunging necklines and cut-out monokinis define the look. It’s no wonder her pieces have been featured in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue on more than one occasion.

The latest collection translates the spirit of Bali into fiery, colorful patterns and shapes. Inspired by the ever-present frangipani flower, batik and lace textiles worn by local women, bright yellow and gold cloth used to wrap spiritual objects, the sea, and, interestingly, a local cremation ceremony, the Bali collection references the four elements as well as local lore.

The soul of these suits comes through in the details: The golden tones woven throughout the collection are a reference to the Balinese belief that the color infuses an object with spirit and wards off evil; they’ll also shine at the pool or beach this summer. Hand-beaded flowers on lacy one-pieces are intricate, life-size versions of those seen all over Bali; delicate and romantic, they’d be the perfect thing to pack for a seaside honeymoon.



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