These DIY Romantic Potions Will Set a Rosy Mood for Valentine’s Day

Floral Massage Bars

Whether or not you’re a pro at giving massages, these fast melting coconut-almond massage bars will feel like heaven.

Valentine’s Day conjures every shade of blush pink to the deepest mauve-reds, the thought of silky chocolates, and the embrace of a beloved. Here’s to set the tone for a warm, inspiring, and romantic day – whether you’re pampering yourself or the one you love. So light those candles, chill the bubbles, and get some records spinning – these do-it-yourself [potions] will help you set the mood.


1. Sultry coconut and almond oil massage bars

To make these sultry treats (pictured at top), begin by melting 1 cup of virgin unrefined coconut oil on the stove – any sauce pan will do. Once all the solid chunks of oil have been liquefied, add 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil.

Transfer the oil to a liquid measuring cup, which will make it easier to pour into a silicone ice-cube tray. Large cube shapes work best, but most any shape will suffice. From here you can add dried flowers such as rose, lavender, and chamomile, or whatever else you like. Adding essential oils like cinnamon or clove will also add a lovely, warming effect. Allow the oils to solidify in the refrigerator for about two hours before use.

This mixture of the oils glides beautifully on the skin and will stay slick long enough for a truly wonderful back or full body massage. Or, add a bar to a steamy bath for a romantic, relaxing, and moisturizing experience.


Bath Oil

With bursts of relaxing lavender and hops, this aromatic almond-arnica oil blend is perfect for adding to a bath just before bedtime.

2. Almond-arnica aromatic bath oil

It takes a lot of planning to create a perfect evening for your loved one, but this easy oil blend will is simple to make and will soothe both mind and muscles.

The base is made up of 1 ounce of sweet almond oil for intense moisture and ¼ ounce arnica oil, which will deeply penetrate achy muscles. I like to add approximately 10–15 drops each of lavender, patchouli, bergamot, hops, yarrow, and chamomile essential oils. This fusion puts the mind at ease while simultaneously enlivening the skin.


Herbal Tub Tea

With an aromatic blend of orange peel and rose petals, this tub tea is a great late-night relaxer for you and your honey.

3. Romantic citrus-rose tub tea

Freshly dehydrated orange peel makes this tub tea exceptional. Use any type orange you like. (I had a navel in the fruit bowl.) Starting at the top of the fruit, peel long slivers from orange rind down the entire length of the fruit. Once half of the orange is peeled, place the curls onto a cookie sheet and bake for approximately 15 minutes at 350º F, checking frequently so they don’t brown.

Once the peels have cooled, begin assembling the tea. I used red and white dried rose petals, coarse pink Himalayan salt, and the orange curls. Place all ingredients into a teapot-sized, heat-sealing teabag. (The bags can be found at most natural foods stores.) Once the bag is filled, seal it using an iron. (I use a flat-iron, which works great.)

To use, fill a tub with hot water, drop in the bag, submerge yourself, and soak for 25 minutes or more.


Raw Chocolate Love Tonic

Photo from Urban Moonshine

4. Urban Moonshine Chocolate Love tonic

Not in DIY potions? Give this herbal elixir a try if you really want to spice up the evening. Chocolate Love Tonic from Urban Moonshine is really going to get your heart racing. Raw chocolate and damiana work as aphrodisiacs and natural energizers. Accompanied by maca – a natural stimulator and libido enhancer, ginger – a root that helps increase circulation, and hawthorn – an herb that fully supports and gladdens the heart. This beautiful blend marries well and tastes of chocolate and roses. What more could you want? Take one serving (a mere teaspoon) 30–40 minutes before desired play time.

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