Tiny Oil Paintings, Awesome Jewelry

tiny mermaid painting necklace

Good things come in small packages, and that goes double for artist Khara Ledonne‘s tiny, hand-painted lockets and bracelets. The artist thought she “had it made” painting murals and signs across New York City, until she stumbled upon some spherical lockets in an antiques store one day.

She was smitten. “There have always been paints and brushes and canvases in my life,” says Khara, “but miniatures were an experimental accident.”

From nostalgic landscapes to mythical animals to a good book, her whimsical creations are painted directly onto the metal jewelry – there’s no paper print glued in place – and available from her Etsy shop. Each piece is a completely unique amulet meant to charm the individual wearer. “I think it’s the combination of both the idea – having something inspiring in a secret, personal place – and the attentive, skilled craft that make these little things so magnetic,” Khara says.

tiny khara ledonne solar system painting necklace

Being enamored with the sea, I’m especially partial to her ocean-themed pieces, which include blue whales, mermaids, and schooners. Khara herself also has been taken by the sea – literally; she recently moved from Brooklyn onto a 29-foot sailboat to cruise the Atlantic. Looks like we can expect more nautical inspiration to flow.

tiny lighthouse painting necklace
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