Trend Watch: Pom Pom Hats


The Gunn beanie from Sh*t That I Knit is made of heirloom-quality Peruvian merino wool with a removable fur pom. It’s equal parts nostalgic and hipster, and for that, we salute it.

If you’re anything like us, you probably went through a phase when pom pom hats were *so uncool.* They were what you wore when you were a kid throwing snowballs at the bus stop. You’re sophisticated 17-year-old self pooh-poohed them, but then you turned 30 and realized your mom had given away all your classics including the Hartford Whalers one to the Salvation Army. Oh no!

Maybe it’s the desire to recapture youth, or maybe we’ve just regained our taste for timeless hats, but poms are back in full force, and we’re loving it. Whether you’re looking for a grown-up version or to replicate the classics of your childhood, we’ve got a pom for you.

The hysterically named Sh*t That I Knit is a collective from Boston that produces handmade, heriloom-quality hats from the finest of yarns. Their slouchy Gunn beanie (at top) is made from kettle-dyed, Peruvian merino wool and features a removable fur pom-pom.

cashmere pom pom hats
Visit the pom pom bar at Chace ‘N Lulu or Monelle on Banister’s Wharf to brighten up your day with a pop of cashmere color because these fleece-lined beanies come in rainbow of options. Each hat comes with a standard issue natural fur pom, but since it’s detachable, you can swap it out for 10-plus other colors – from fuchsia to navy – to suit your mood.

ck-bradley-pom-ski-bunny-hat hot pink ski hat

Attention all ski bunniesCK Bradley‘s obsession with poms never falters. Her latest collection of cashmere ski hats has all the wit and charm of anything you’d find at the back of your parents’ closet, with a touch of modern whimsy to bring them up to date. Antlers (with detachable fur pom, below) would make a perfect addition to any winter white outfit?


wool beanie turquise by coal-dottie-pom-hatEMS has a fine selection of poms this season, including the colorful wool Dottie from Coal. Keeps you warm; keeps you cool. Just like a good hat should.

If wool’s not your thing, check out Prana’s boho-meets-hipster Pammy beanie instead while you’re there. You’ll love this super soft topper, which is made from recycled polyester and hemp.

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    I visited Newport with my family a few days after Christmas (the genesis of my recent post with Newport holiday doors) and I bought a pom hat at Pink Pineapple (mine is orange knit with a fur pom) and my sister-in-law bought the antler hat somewhere. We didn’t know it was a “thing” but we saw them everywhere!

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