West Coast Gems Become East Coast Treasures

semi-precious stones above/below jewelry ri designer

Charms made from semi-precious stones by Pawtucket-based designer Season James of Above/Below Jewelry awaits final assemblage.

Can a stone have its own destiny? Jewelry designer Season James thinks so. “My goal when designing is for the patterns and striations of the stone to sort of tell me what it wants to be made into,” she says. Finding the intrinsic beauty in these specks of nature and elevating them into wearable works of art is what makes her pieces so appealing. “The goal of my work is to call attention to the naturally occurring beauty that is often times buried right below us, and to bring it to the surface.”

That sensibility led to the name of Season’s line, Above/Below Jewelry, which she hand makes from her residence in Pawtucket, RI. Necklaces, earrings, and cuffs are crafted from semi-precious stones including Herkimer diamonds (they’re actually a type of crystal) from New York, as well as a multitude of stones from the Western United States, such as turquoise, pyrite, malachite, and lapis, and even petrified wood.

Season sells her marvelously affordable work from her Pawtucket and online shops, but it can also be found at more than a dozen locations throughout southern New England, including The Newport Art Museum gift shop and Field of Artisans. Season’s celebrations of the natural world range from simple studs to glamorous drop earrings and chunky cuffs. “The really wild, truly one of a kind pieces are the most fun of all to create,” says the designer. No surprise, then, that they may also be the most fun to wear.

semi-precious stones jewelry above/below ri designer




Alexandra Ventura is a recent graduate of Salve Regina University, where she earned a degree in Political Science and Philosophy. She currently resides in Newport, RI.

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