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The Volvo Ocean Race may have left town, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay sporty in spirit and style.

The Volvo Ocean Race brought with it a massive respect for the hard-core athletes participating in the grueling round-the-world race. Team shirts, hats, jackets, and colors were every where to be seen last weekend, from the excellent magenta and off-navy combination worn by SCA to Alvamedica’s we-mean-business black and orange. But just because the boats are on their way to Lisbon doesn’t mean you can’t still dress the part. The athleisure trend – wearing sporty clothes that can handle a workout but look good around town, too – is in full swing nationwide. Hop on the bandwagon with these cool but comfortable selections.

Volvo Ocean Race gear, like this Musto Alicante Gilet vest (1), is a great way to show your support for brining the North American stopover back to Newport in 2016. Team-specific and VOR clothing is available at Team One Newport.

J.Crew‘s collaboration with Vans resulted in these perforated leather slip-on sneakers (2), which will carry you right through Labor day, and won’t scuff up the boat. (Pro tip: There’s no need to wait till Memorial Day to put them on.)

With Lululemon’s pop-up shop installed in Newport for summer, all your dreams for stylish workout wear can come true. The sporty but refined Bhakti Reality top (3) will take you gracefully from the yoga studio to a coffee date. Likewise, Patagonia’s Kamala skirt (5), from Patagonia on Thames, is the perfect post-workout or beach cover up. Bonus: It transforms from a skirt into a bandeau dress that ties at the back of the neck.

Pull your look together with a pair of Tom Ford aviators (6) from Monelle, and top it off with an embroidered baseball cap (4) from Chace ‘n’ Lulu. Whether you’re shielding your face from the sun or hiding a bit of frizz (thanks, humidity), you’ll never tell and it doesn’t matter anyway — you’ll still show up looking great for lunch at the Pearl Patio.

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