What to Wear: Pineapple Prints for a Slice of Summer


Pineapple prints are showing up on everything from casual sneakers to elegant wallpaper. Here’s how to style the look.

Toeing the line between Palm Beach preppy and California surfer, pineapples are everywhere this season. It’s not hard to understand why, since something about this sweet, spiky fruit just seems to say “summer vacation.” Here are a few of our favorite ways to get the look.

Pineapple ice cube trays (1) from Topshop add tropical flavor to your summertime drinks. If you really want to go all out, use them to freeze pineapple juice, then add the cubes to rum-based cocktails.

A pair of classic lace-up sneakers is a necessity for riding bikes, climbing aboard boats, or joining a spontaneous badminton game. Champion Picnic sneakers (3) from Keds allow you to do all that and more without sacrificing your personal style.

Pineapples have been a symbol of hospitality and friendship since Colonial times, and thus are associated with Newport, too. Hygge & West‘s Pineapple Welcome Wallpaper (6), designed by Rifle Paper Company and available at Anthropologie, is perfect for an entry hall, or anywhere that you’ll be greeting guests.

Wearing a pineapple print doesn’t have to mean looking like you thought it was Hawaiian Shirt Day. From cookouts to casual offices, the Pineapple Grove Skirt (5) from Anthropologie achieves the look with the kitsch. And men can also take part in the trend, as the Bellfield Knitted Sweater (2) from Asos proves.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to this summer’s pineapple trend, though, Felt Mountain Studio’s Feeling Fruity Pineapple Tote Bag (4) is the way to go. Each one is hand-printed on ethically-sourced unbleached cotton, and guaranteed to brighten up your daily routine.

Antonia Noori Farzan is a writer living in Newport, Rhode Island. She enjoys cooking vegan meals, practicing yoga, designing floral arrangements, and photographing old houses for her blog, Clapboard and Shingle.


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