Day Trip: Brimfield Antique Show

In a little town called Brimfield, just off the Mass Pike, lies a one-mile Mecca of thrifting, picking, and antiquing. But this fair only appears three times each year (May, July, September), when the fields of this quaint New England town are transformed into a massive flea market, the Brimfield Antique Show, which has an aptly described “carnival-like atmosphere.” The event attracts dealers, serious collectors, casual shoppers, and the curious alike, who come to haggle, poke, and pick. Come for the collectibles — from high-end antiques to funky yard junk — stay for the people-watching; the characters here are as infinite as the vintage mason jars. Below are a few photos from a trip I made to Brimfield last week with my sister — we scored some great finds. Let’s put it this way: If Burning Man were a flea market, it would be Brimfield, which is to say, it’s worth the trip.

This copper and steel piece wanted to come home with me and live on my shed. Sadly, it was beyond my budget.

The upholstery on this tufted chair was dirty, tattered, soft, and perfect.

Unique among its counterparts, this booth was merchandised with acid-test colors and ’80s memorabilia, like the four mint-condition Garbage Pail Kids stickers I got!

Everywhere we looked, my sister and I saw items that had been in our family home growing up, like this yellow metal sprinkler (center).

This regular’s booth is a great place to stock up on items for a party closet.




Spools for industrial textile manufacturing were presumably as bright as the goods they made.


The Internet called. It wants its Lego phone back.

I wanted to live in this is rustic, ferns-and-moss feeling stall, by Estate & Co.


Below, a few more pictures, from one of last year’s shows.





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