This Sculpture Suspends Time and Space at JFK Airport


“Outside Time” by renowned sculptor Dimitar Lukanov has been unveiled at JFK’s new Terminal 4.

Between the rushing and the lugging, traveling through the world’s busiest airports isn’t always good time, but for passengers traveling through Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy International Airport, a new sculpture gives them reason to take pause and go with the flow. This week, the breathtaking sculpture “Outside Time” by Dimitar Lukanov was unveiled at the new, $1.4 billion terminal.

Constructed primarily of aluminum and steel, the sculpture stands at 15 feet tall and weighs nearly 5,000 pounds, yet appears light as air. And while the artwork is large and tangible, it also has a sense of being immaterial due to the amount of negative space between all that metal. “The piece aspires to halt — even momentarily — the relentlessness of time,” says the Bulgarian-brook, New York-based artist, “to indeed be ‘Outside Time.'” That’s a sentiment international travelers can easily relate to.

Making the sculpture required grit, as well as brut machinery, though Lukanov notably did not use a computer model to create the design. The result is delicately balanced and graceful, and, in a way, a reflection of the invisible, extensive planning that goes into moving thousands of people through the industrialized space of an airport and beyond each day. Lukanov describes the work in yin-yang terms, relating “the rigid and exact to the chaotic, but it is actually perfectly composed.”

“This is a veritable study of balance,” adds Lukanov, “a breathless, effortless, instantaneous gesture in the air.” Much like flying itself, it’s a marvel of both man and nature.

outside time by dimitar lukanov

Images courtesy of Dimitar Lukanov.

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